27 August 2021


There is nothing more satisfying than a completed space for work, play or relaxation. We spend so much time in many places in our daily routine.  The art is what makes them memorable and creates the ambiance we long for.  There is no feeling like finding the perfect piece to suit your needs. After finding the perfect pieces, what do you do now?

One may want to rush and display the artwork in order to share exquisite art and to have the idea of completion in our space.  Here are only a few things to consider before you install your art pieces.

  1. Placement: Placement may seem like the easiest thing for a cherished work of art, but there are many factors that must be considered.  Now that you have discovered your treasured art pieces, perhaps you need some guidance on placement.  What room is best suited? Will natural light affect your artwork? Will artificial light be capable?  Is the height the most pleasing to the eye?  Will the art be the main focus or will it be offset?

Don’t be overwhelmed, entrust your ideas and requests with a professional who can guide and suggest the perfect placement.


Surfaces:  Now you have the perfect placement, How will you insure your walls and artwork to hang correctly?  Do you know the multi layer of your building/structure? All of these things would need to be researched prior to installing. Again, consulting with a professional will be able to guarantee that the surfaces you have are suitable for your investment pieces.


Safety:  Installation can be tricky especially considering that some pieces require a substantial height placement and may be oversized and depending on the medium a more substantial weight.  A professional installation company can not only advise but ensure that safety is a priority.  Protecting your pieces, structure and those admiring the art work.


Gallery Wall: As you grow your collection and add to your installations, the guidance of a professional can ease the stress of creating the end piece you have in mind.  From estechic to practical aspects we may not consider.


These are only a few priorities to creating the perfect space with your valuable and unique artwork you have thoughtfully  acquired.  It is a thorough process that will be rewarding when the installation is completed and you can bask in the beauty of what your investment pieces transform your space into.  Happy Installation!


Each piece of art is unique and an investment, turn your fine art installation needs and dreams to a trusted and professional art installation company in Houston.  TY Art LLC has served Houston on projects of any magnitude and would be an ideal partner in your art installation process.

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